Investing in Real Estate Even When You Are Broke

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Investing in real estate costs money, but not all of us have the financial wherewithal to invest in real estate and grow a considerable real estate portfolio. That is why it is important to be very resourceful, creative and also build the right knowledgebase that will enable you to carry out successful real estate investments. With resourcefulness, you can steadily use other people’s money in order to grow your asset portfolio into millions of dollars within a few short years. That is how Peter Spann managed to build his real estate empire over a period of less than 7 years.

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Investing in Australian Property with Peter Spann

Successful real estate investors are able to use leverage and buy properties without using their own money. There are plenty of solid strategies that you can use in order to buy properties even when you are financially down. Peter Spann has discussed in great detail how you can accomplish that in one of his most popular real estate investment booksHow You Could Build a $10 Million Property Portfolio in Just 10 Years,and gives frequent lectures and seminars with useful tips on how to accomplish that.

Here are some of the useful strategies that you can follow when planning to invest in property and you are low on cash:

Make use of Hard Money

There are hard lenders who can offer you property loans based on the value of your property. If you meet the stringent standards that are nowadays imposed, it may be possible in some cases for you to get 100% of the property purchase price.

Use the Home Equity

If you already own your home, it is possible for you to pull out equity in the form of loans or lines of credit that you can subsequently use to purchase investments. This is advantageous because it is generally a cheap source of credit that you can rely on.

Look for Partners for Your Property Investments

If you have the passion, the motivation and the knowledge on the property market in Australia, then you can leverage this in order to make investments in property. There are plenty of investors who are swimming in money but lack the right knowledge about the real estate market that will enable them to make the right calls when it comes to property purchases. Profile yourself well and use your networking skills in order to build the right connections that will put finances in your hands. Before picking a partner, it is important to ensure that you have spelled out everything very clearly in writing.

Raising Private Money

This option is quite similar to hard-money lending. In this case, you can find wealthy people who would want to earn more interest and value from their investments. If you can guarantee a certain value on investments to the investors, then you can begin pulling in money for property investments.

There are many other options that you can employ when it comes to real estate investments. Peter Spann discusses these in great detail in some of his books. Peter Spann investment property guide shows the strategies and tips that you need to follow in order to make your real estate investments a success.

Peter Spann an Australian icon has been so successful in the property game that his books are still considered some of the best reads for those who want to build wealth using property as a vehicle. See more at

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