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Discover amazing natural methods you can use to enhance your smile

Having a healthy and bright smile can help boost your self confidence. It also sends a good message about you to those who you interact with. However, not all people are lucky to have an amazing smile. The mouth may be a dangerous environment, full of erosive acids and bacteria that cause decay. One way to keep your mouth healthy is by visiting dentist Hoppers crossing has, regularly. Also, here are natural methods you can use to improve your smile and protect your teeth without draining your pocket.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Undergoing Eyelid Surgery

According to a cliché, the eyes serve as windows to the soul. It is no wonder why a lot of people (especially women) spend a great deal of money on making their eyes look good. From makeup to surgery, you name it, everyone is willing to go to great lengths to achieve the perfect looking set of eyes. You can undergo a new form of cosmetic surgery that is growing in popularity in the industry today – eyelid surgery. But before you go under the knife, you need to know some facts about this type of surgery so you can speed up recovery and maximize the benefits.

Eyelid Surgery

Types of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is also known as blehpharoplasty in the medical world. When people refer to this type of surgery, they often think of one major medical procedure only. However, there are several different types of surgery with which an individual can choose from depending on the desired result. The surgery can be concentrated on different parts of the eyelid such as the upper, lower or both parts of the lids.

During your pre-surgery consultation, you can discuss the specific type of surgery you will undergo with your surgeon. Based on your desired result, the appropriate surgical procedure will be recommended for you.


Eyelid surgery is considered mostly a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the look of your eyes. To be specific, people who choose to undergo this surgery do so to achieve symmetry in their face.

However, there are also other benefits to undergoing eyelid surgery that is not just cosmetic. It can remove sagging skin under your lids that could hamper your vision.

Insurance Coverage

Since most of the surgeries performed on the eyelids are done with cosmetic benefit in mind, insurance companies do not include this type of surgery in their coverage. You need to obtain a quote from your surgeon about the procedure prior to going under the knife. This will ensure that you can afford for the cost of the surgery, especially since it won’t be covered by your insurance.

Potential Risks

Like any surgical procedures, there are certain risks involved that could take effect after undergoing the said procedure. One possible risk is that of infection (which is true in most surgeries, not just eyelid surgeries). Make sure your doctor issue antibiotics to combat these infections, should they arise.

Bleeding behind the eyes and under the skin is also a possible risk. Also, you will notice that you will not be able to fully close your eyes after the surgery. Other potential risks include double vision and internal scarring.


There is a certain recovery period involved when undergoing eyelid surgery. It is important to note that not all patients are required to undergo hospital stay, although this could vary on a case-to-case basis. It is the doctor’s call on the appropriate setup for patients.

Following the surgery, some redness and swelling is completely normal. You will also notice that you tear up excessively. Another common after-effect is some blurry vision. Stitches will be removed after 2-3 days but full recovery is expected within several weeks.

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Benefits of Health Campaigns the Doctors in Annandale Organise

Most clinics today, apart from housing doctors, have also taken it upon themselves to raise certain health issues and campaigns for them. According to the latest news, doctors from clinics all over the world like the doctors in Annandale are on a constant lookout for volunteers to help them spread the word regarding various health issues. These campaigns are primarily held to spread awareness and make people conscious of the various health problems and how to deal with them. In fact, most of the times, these campaigns have certain clinics associated with them. For instance, clinics like an Aitkenvale medical centre frequently send their doctors and volunteers to take part in such campaigns to help the society become a better place to live in.

  • Community Feelings: Such campaigns make it easier to bond with the community. With many people coming to such campaigns sharing the same feelings regarding diseases and the campaign, it becomes easier to bond with other people. This bonding in fact opens new avenues and questions which challenge the existing perception about the topic of the campaign. Any experienced Annandale gp will break the myths regarding the diseases and invite challenging thoughts and perceptions that they can take back with them to study and research further.
  • Making people aware: People today are so engrossed with their personal lives and professional work that they do not have the time to look into their health. Thus, it becomes even more necessary to make people aware of the current medical situation. This helps people in identifying with the symptoms and making them approach their nearest general medical practitioners in case they discover some of the symptoms within themselves.
  • Free medical services: Many of the Annandale doctors who partake in the campaigns offer free medical check-ups to the people who take part in it. This is just to initialise a regular check-up routine in every person. Regular check-ups especially for those who have entered their late 50s are mandatory. It is a time when the immune system starts getting weaker and check-ups are necessary. These are initiated in the campaigns and can be later followed up in the clinics.
  • Follow up services: At times, medical campaigns even provide scope for a follow-up treatment. Though these are rare but free health camps are organised where follow up treatments are taken care of.
  • Making new contacts: Attending certain campaigns actually helps you to make new contacts. Due to the fact that many doctors in Annandale attend such campaigns, it becomes easier to connect with them and go to them in the future for follow up treatments.

Thus, these are some the reasons why community medical campaigns are some of the best ways to serve the community in which you live in. In fact, the doctors in Annandale work relentlessly to take care of the people and also partake in these campaigns to make people aware so that diseases can be prevented. To know more, you can browse sites like to learn more about these endeavors.